MASA Medical Transport Solutions


At MASA, our mission is to provide industry leading medical transportation solutions for our members, and to protect them from catastrophic financial loss.  In times of life threatening emergency, our mission is to always be there when we are needed most.  We don’t provide the ambulance.  We pay the bills.

In business for over 44 years, we are the premier provider in the industry.  Our reputation is stellar.  With over 20 offices, located through the United States, Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico and Canada, MASA is the premier provider for emergency medical transportation assistance, covering millions of people nationwide.

We are about assisting all our members in any way possible, and all transportation decisions are made by doctors, not insurance adjusters.  Most insurance companies look to see if an ambulance claim will be paid based on medical necessity or check to see if you could have gone to the hospital in another way, car or taxi, before they will pay the claim.  We have seen many claims denied or only a partial payment made by the insurance carrier, leaving the individual with a large bill to pay.

Here are a few testimonials from some of our members…

“This note is to state my customer satisfaction with the Medical Air Services Association.  I recently used the services of two local community ambulance services to two local emergency departments at two local hospitals.  The charges were only partially covered by my Medicare Insurance.  The balance was my responsibility.  The MASA insurance covered the balance which was a significant amount. C Drosdeck”

“Being a Charter Lifetime Member, MASA has been so helpful to me over the years.  In 2001 our motor home and ourselves were transferred from NY State to Fla.  A driver was compensated by MASA because of my husband’s surgery and hospitalization.  It left him incapable to drive.  Also, complete payment when my husband passed away was provided by MASA to transport his remains from a funeral home in FL to a funeral home in NY.  My son and I benefited by complete payment of our airfare as well.  At 86 years old,  I’m assured that my remains will be made an easy process for my present husband.  Recently, ambulance transportation was also compensated for by MASA. S Hood”

MASA wants all Gold Wing members to be protected while on the road (or at home) having peace of mind to know if you have a medical emergency, MASA will provide for ground ambulance, helicopter, transportation back home, vehicle return home, minor children protection, mortal remains transport, and much more.  MASA doesn’t protect you and your family just while traveling, but also protects you when you’re at home for emergency transport.

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up for this service, please contact me… Janet Bryant – or 813-843-3739.  For a small monthly payment, MASA offers protection from catastrophic loss, giving peace of mind.  Please do not sign-up on the MASA website as the price will be higher.   I support Gold Wings and offer a special price for Gold Wing Members.

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