Insurance Coverage

Below is a brief explanation of the insurance coverage and process that your Chapter dues cover. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.

The GWRRA liability insurance policy goes into effect immediately upon the approval of a Member becoming an officer, the approval of a chapter designation and the receipt of the annual chartering fee.

The two million-dollar liability insurance policy protects GWRRA Officers when involved in authorized GWRRA business for social events and a designated third party (mall, meeting place, co-sponsoring authority, etc). This policy extends coverage for approved District and Region rallies and certain Chapter-sponsored events.

The limits of this policy are stated on the Certificate of Liability Insurance that appears on GW Info Exchange.

The policy numbers are stated on the Certificate of Insurance located at

GWRRA has adequate insurance to cover officers and volunteers when representing GWRRA in authorized GWRRA business and GWRRA events internationally.

Liability coverage pays, on behalf of GWRRA, sums GWRRA is legally obligated to pay for bodily injury arising out of GWRRA’s business activities. Any present Directors, Officers or Volunteers of GWRRA are covered. GWRRA’s insurance policy covers the various “officers” who are involved in the various activities of the Region, District and Chapters. Other GWRRA members who volunteer their time and services at GWRRA rallies are covered by the insurance policy and are included as additional insureds. The limit of liability is $2 million. Please refer to Certificate of Insurance

Also, Chapter members of GWRRA who plan, assist and take leadership roles in various chapter events (mall shows, ice cream rides etc) are covered by the liability insurance provided by GWRRA. As referenced above, there are no exclusions of coverage for volunteers. Family members or friends who volunteer at a rally are also covered under the GWRRA policy. GWRRA Home Office and the Event Management Group support / endorse guided tour rides at rallies. If a group of GWRRA members leads a tour, they are covered by GWRRA insurance. When a Region is hosting a rally and there will be vendors present, GWRRA requires vendors to carry liability coverage with a limit of $1 million. This information is taken directly from the GWRRA insurance policy and verified by K & K Insurance Group. In the event GWRRA insurance coverage does not satisfy the requirements of the GWRRA group putting on an event, the group may purchase additional coverage at their own expense.

Diana McGuire
GWRRA Executive Assistant
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